James Hardie Siding

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If you’re looking for a material choice that provides you with beauty, longevity and a myriad of different resistances, then looking into Hardie board siding can be the perfect choice for you. The manufacturing process of this material choice provides you with a high level of strength and the capability to mimic the look of almost any other siding material available today. This is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for homes across the Ashburn area and our siding contractors bring it to you.

Mimicking Material

Whether you’re looking to copy the aesthetic of metal siding, aluminum siding or even vinyl siding, this material choice provides you with the range of various appearances necessary to get the perfect look brought to your property. This can be a beneficial choice as it provides you with the capability to have the perfect aesthetic brought to your home as well as providing the range of benefits that Hardie board siding brings through its own material makeup. Whatever the image you have in mind when it comes to the appearance of your home, you can count on our siding contractors to bring the right result.

Unmatched Longevity

As Hardie board siding is made up of a combination of materials including concrete, it provides you with an unmatched level of longevity when it comes to installation on your property. With the capability to easily last over 50 years, you can enjoy both the appearance and benefit that this material option brings over the course of your ownership. If you’re looking for a service that simply installs your siding once and you needn’t worry about it for decades to come, then looking into this particular siding installation can be the right choice for you.

Fire Resistant

One of the major benefits that Hardie siding brings to your home is the level of resistances that it provides. There are stories of firetrucks suffering damages as a result of fires that had no negative effect on homes that were even closer with this house siding material installed. Of course, that’s not to say that every single installation has the same level of resistance but it is a fact that those with James Hardie siding installed on their homes have a higher level of fire resistance than those who don’t. Though this may never factor into your choice, it’s good to be aware of these benefits.

Storm Resistant

One of the benefits that you may notice more often than fire resistance is that of the storm resistance that this particular siding choice brings. With the extremely durable nature of its construction, it has the capability to stand up to heavy winds, hail and more. This can ensure that you find yourself requiring less siding repair, which can offset the higher initial cost of this particular material choice for your installation. When looking for types of siding that provide you with high-level resistance and benefits, looking into this option can be right for you.